A flotilla longer than the Corinth Canal by Rib Cruises

650 guests experience Greek boat pleasures in an autonomous fleet from RIB CRUISES

This flotilla will be destined for the Guinness Book of world Records: 67 boats in total (44 rib boats, 19 sailing boats, 3 gullets and a special wooden hand-made traditional boat) with 650 people on board passed on the 20th of April the famous, 6,346 m long Corinth Canal between the Greek mainland and the Peloponnesian peninsula. While the first boats had already left the isthmus of Corinth and entered the Gulf of Patras, the last, coming from the Saronic Gulf, were patiently waiting for the entrance to Isthmia. After 1 hour at least, all the boats had passed the almost 25 meters wide canal between its rock walls, which rise 90 meters (300 ft) above sea level, built from 1881 to 1893.

Especially for this event, the canal administration had blocked the rest of the shipping industry. The organizer, the Greek boat rental company Rib Cruises, based in Glyfada near Athens, had to set up a very meticulous schedule for the canal crossing - and everything went as planed. The massive flotilla was arranged for a pan-European coorporate event agency with purpose to introduce its employees and customers from all over Europe to Greek history and culture combined with beach parties, swimming and the spectacular Corinth Chanel crossing. This final boating experience included a drop off at a natural lake in Loutraki area entering from a narrow channel of 6 metres width and shallow waters where all guests were transfered to land by rib boats.

flotilla 2

A methodical organization was imperative in order to accomplish this challenge. Rib Cruises‘ General Manager Takis Marinos had begun planning the event half a year earlier. All guests were distributed to different locations on the islands of Aegina, Poros and Agistri and hosted at small traditional hotels experiencing the true Greek culture. They were picked up by their hotels and brought back to the central beach meetings, sightseeings and beach parties by boats. It was a unique experience from sunrise to midnight including music and dancing on the beach, exploration in secret and also archaeological spots. After the three days, all 650 guests were full of praise for the experience, while the 75 employees of Rib Cruises were proud of their operation.

flotilla 3

Rib Cuises specialises in daily trips, bare boat charter, chase tenders, short-long charter period, incentives, VIP transfers, flotilla groups offering from the biggest rib boat options in Greece (85 boats overall) ranging from 4 to 14 meters.