Frauscher shipyard: business figures at record levels

Frauscher Shipyard concludes the business year 2016/2017 with a significant increase in revenue, even exceeding the positive developments of recent years.

At the world’s largest water sports exhibition “boot” the family owned company from Austria will have three luxurious motor yachts on display – including the most recent yacht, the award-winning Frauscher 858 Fantom Air.

The Frauscher Shipyard has developed over the past 90 years from a traditional craft business to an international commercial enterprise that markets innovative and exquisitely designed motor and electric boats throughout the world. The figures from the past business year confirm that the fusion of traditional, high-quality boat craftsmanship with striking clear designs in premium quality is more convincing than ever to the demanding consumers of the boat market.

The family-operated shipyard located on Lake Traunsee was able to increase its revenue from new boats by 35 percent and the number of boats built by 16 percent in 2016/2017. Frauscher is especially pleased with the equally strong increase in the sector for electric and motor boats. More than 30 electric boats – including the 610 San Remo and the 650 Alassio – left the shipyard in Ohlsdorf, Austria between August 2016 and August 2017. But the powerful premium motor yachts such as the 1017 GT or the 1414 DEMON were likewise in demand as never before.

Stefan Frauscher, the third-generation general manager, is pleased with the successful year-end accounts and predicts continued growth for 2017/2018: “Together with a highly motivated team and strong partners we will continue to do everything possible to optimally meet the demands of our customers and to increase the number of Frauscher boats on the lakes and seas.”

In the future Frauscher Shipyard will therefore offer its customers even more options for customisation. The new, ultra-modern paint shop, for example, makes it possible to implement virtually any colour preference with maximum precision. In addition, the shipyard will continue to develop new boat types and technologies. Just a few months after the world première of the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air day cruiser, it is therefore already clear that the year 2018 will not end without a new Frauscher innovation.