NanoPhos Marine: Technical Achievement Award - Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards 2017

NanoPhos’ founder, Dr. Ioannis Arampatzis received “Technical Achievement Award”, during the 2017 Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards.

In the uniquely organized yearly ceremony of Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2017, among the presence of highly appreciated representatives of the shipping industry, NanoPhos was awarded the “Technical Achievement Award 2017”.

The 14th year of the Greek Shipping Awards and gala presentation dinner was held at the Athenaeum Intercontinental in Athens and was attended by many of the leading figures in the maritime industry. NanoPhos Marine, a Greek “smart” coatings manufacturing company, has successfully introduced into the shipping market advanced coatings, harnessing the power of nanotechnology. In addition, NanoPhos Marine has not only managed to develop and manufacture nanotechnology driven innovative coatings, but has also translated all the scientific research and technological achievements into cost-effective, efficient, energy-saving and easily applicable products, combining the power of technology and science with business competitiveness and high commercial value.

NanoPhos 2

This award depicts NanoPhos’ technical achievements over the years. The company’s scientific team has devoted years of meticulous research and thorough laboratory experiments, to develop a complete, nanotechnology-engineered product portfolio of anti-corrosive, thermal insulating, antifouling or other products, in order to provide “intelligent” solutions to common problems of the marine field.

Dr. Ioannis Arampatzis commented: “It is an honour that recognises the technical achievements of NanoPhos over the years. We are very proud for what we have accomplished. Some years ago, when we spread the word of robotic coatings that can change their properties according to external stimuli, self-healing and thermal insulating paints, copper-free antifouling systems with roughness less than 40 microns, nano-pillows for abrasion resistance, fuel-efficiency, eco/green character – nobody could believe that a Greek company can stand against multi-billion turnover multinational competitors. Today, our coatings sail in the seven seas selected by major ship-owners. All, NanoPhos products are purely Greek. They are developed, produced in Greece and exported all over the world. A team of brilliant researchers is applying science in real life, solving existing problems. In Greece, we still have the brightest ideas and brightest minds. We customize, adapt, innovate, perform, valorise the coatings industry. We deliver what others cannot.”