World Premiere of Jetten Beach 45 in Cannes


It was only in January this year that Jetten Shipyard introduced the concept of The Beach Series, with models ranging from 45 to 85 feet.

“We are more than happy to present the first ship of the Beach Series during this year’s fantastic show in Cannes”, says Petra Jetten, head of marketing and PR at Jetten Shipyard. The Beach Series came to life through a collaboration of a team of experts out of the World of superyachts - such as Cor D Rover Design (responsible for both interior and exterior design) Van Oossanen Naval architects for the Fast Displacement Hull Form patent (FDHD) and a number of handpicked experts for the engineering and construction. Almost all the features used can be found back in the superyacht industry. These specialists work together with Jetten Shipyard with great pleasure, both in design and construction - and the passion is apparent in what one can see and feel in the Beach Series.


The aluminium build Beach 45 is equipped with Volvo D4 engines ranging from 180 to 300 HP each. The hull is designed along the FDHF layout, a feature that is already quite common among superyachts. This design does not only provide an economic (range of 1700 nm @5 knots) and comfortable time at sea, it also ensures that boaters reach their harbour in time, making a top speed of 20 knots possible.

Thanks to the FDHF, it is not uncomfortable whilst planing, as the hull remains in displacement mode all the time, ensuring stability, comfort and low fuel consumption. A precondition for that, is an equal supply of weight throughout the boat. Consequently each and every part is weighed before it is mounted. By doing this, Jetten Shipyard creates just the boat the owner, and the engineers, had in mind during the design process.

The interior, designed by Cor D Rover, is to a great extent adaptable to the owner’s wishes. Two or three cabins, with a galley either in the saloon, or a deck further below. The use of wide windows creates a spacious feel - the doors and windows between the Saloon and the aft-deck can be moved away entirely.


“Lounging, Safety and Well-being,” were the key words used during the development of the Beach Series.

‘Lounging’ shall enable you to experience very special moments together with friends and family.

‘Safety’ is of course the most important issue on a boat, so the Beach Series was designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and yet offer maximum comfort on board.

‘Well Being’ is a mixture of the features above, along with practicality of use and an exclusive exterior.


This is mirrored with an abundance of light: The boundaries between inside and outside diminish. Double glass windows (designed to stay watertight even when broken) or the glass roof that can be opened above the drivers seat, ensure plenty of light in the boat. “A lot of effort went into creating the perfect Beach House atmosphere - it is all in the name”, says Petra Jetten. “The safe and high bulwarks have windows to provide views of the World around you when sitting in the Saloon. This is just one example of what we intend with the Beach concept. Owners shall feel that they are at their very own private Beach and yet have a stylish appearance in the next marina”, Jetten explains.

The Beach Series can be ordered from €695.000 ex VAT.