Christian Grande new partnership with Cantiere Nautico Cranchi SpA


One of the most prestigious and enduring Italian shipyards - flagship of Italian quality construction and excellence – meets one of the most innovative and productive international marine designers.

The new partnership between Cantiere Nautico Cranchi® S.P.A. and Christian Grande is based above all on a spontaneous rapprochement characterized by mutual comprehension and common values and personalities established between the designer and the proprietors of the shipyard.

The result is a rare elective affinity, both personal and professional, that has contributed to the creation of the necessary confidence to entrust the future of the yard's distinctive character to the designer from Parma, already well noted for his prolific creation of successful designs in different areas.

Christian Grande comments: “I am honored and confidant in this new partnership. Cranchi is a very sound yard, equipped with advanced state- of-the-art production systems in the medium-large size nautical series production sector. I believe that we both can grow and create unique products, because at the base of our rapport we have shared values and visions, which means synergy and winning approaches in all the creative phases for new boats with a high level of quality and aesthetics.”

A promising pair therefore; both the Cantiere Nautico Cranchi® S.P.A. and Christian Grande provide guaranties in terms of innovation and productivity and from whom we will see their new creations in the coming years, given the complexity of the products and the exigent targets for whom the products will be developed.