Canados Shipyard new ownership


Karsenti’s involvement with Canados has been a long-term ongoing relationship. Having built yachts from 21 to 80 meter all around the world, he has always been fascinated by the know-how, unique craftsmanship, knowledge and passion found at Canados.

His point of view about what makes Canados such a unique shipyard within the global yachting industry is best expressed with his quote: “I’m fascinated, year after year, visit after visit at Canados to still have the same magical feeling of how strong maritime traditions are embedded in workers DNA. I cannot say if this is linked to the 70 years the shipyard has been in business, or due to the fact Canados is located in the world’s richest region in terms of architecture, style and history Rome is known for, but I can surely say that the same feeling is shared by all the clients visiting us. I’ve truly seen incredible technical achievements performed by this unique team of craftsmen!”

About the future of Canados, Karsenti quoted:“As you can imagine, we did not acquire such an iconic shipyard as the result of a caprice! It’s been a long process and a well thought move. For now, we are busy taking the first steps renovating and putting up-to-date the production facilities as well as the two marinas that are part of the shipyard. We will soon introduce the market with new products. I also want to mention that our aim is to continue building “haut couture” and surely not go for high production numbers.”


Located in Ostia, a suburb of Rome, just 7 km from Fiumicino International Airport Leonardo Da Vinci, the Canados shipyard was founded in 1946, just after World War II on an ex-Italian Navy hydroplane base.

The beginnings
The Italian Navy, Coastguards and Italian Harbor Masters commissioned the first vessels built by Canados. At the time, the master carpenters who founded Canados quickly achieved a revered reputation, resulting in them attracting orders from Germany, Holland, Turkey, Hong Kong, France, Greece and a significant number of emerging monarchies in the Middle East.

The yachting era
It is in the mid 50’s that Canados started focusing on the yachting market. In 1953, while attending the launching of the first in a series of eight fast interceptor patrol boats, the representative of a royal family from a small Gulf Emirate fell in love with the mastery of Canados’ carpenters. His immediate reaction was to enquire if the yard would be able to build a yacht for His Highness. For the master carpenters this was a challenge gladly accepted, an opportunity to express their art in a situation where only perfection would be deemed acceptable. Since then, more than 700 Canados yachts have been delivered around the world to customers of all nationalities. In the six decades since delivering its first yacht, Canados has continuously strived to remain at the cutting-edge of yacht building technology.