Super Lauwersmeer with novelties at Boot Holland 2016


The Discovery line represents Super Lauwersmeer’s contemporary course. A course that shows respects for the shipyard’s rich, 45-year history but at the same time embodies a modern vision.

The Discovery line’s characteristic straight bow has already reached the status of designer statement, and the large windows and curved cap of the Discovery OC are the epitome of innovative design. Discovery AC (aft cabin) – 12 and 13.5 metres The Discovery line was born in 2013 with the aft cabin Discovery AC. The press praised the yacht for its excellent price-quality ratio, the high-quality finishing and, in particular, its versatility. The Belgian magazine “Varen” called the ship a ‘Luxury apartment on the water’, and “Vaarkrant” magazine describes the Discovery AC as ‘A multifunctional yacht that is just as suited for a comfortable stay in the marina as for a long and adventurous journey.’


Super Lauwersmeer invested all its skills and experience in making the Discovery AC a perfect vessel for beautiful, long trips. Every square centimetre is used for practical comfort and any ‘dead’ space is furnished as storage room. Moreover, the kitchen is fitted with features such as a washing machine, a collapsible ironing board, an oversized refrigerator (240 litres), and even a ‘cellar’, everything to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible. The multifunctional hood is without a doubt the pinnacle of innovative design, as it functions as a bimini and a convertible roof at the same time. Thanks to the fold-down windows and radar arch, the ship’s air draft is a mere 2.90 metres, putting the French water ways back onto the itinerary.

Discovery OC (open cockpit) – 12 to 15 metres

The Discovery AC may be the yacht specifically aimed at long journeys with family or friends, but the Discovery OC is not less suited for these trips. This yacht also has those distinctive Discovery characteristics that foreground a lot of room, an excellent price-quality ratio and thoroughly thought-out details. The distinguishing features of the Discovery OC are its emphasis on superb design and look, but also the sense of a lounge.


This lounge feeling is created by the living spaces that are all on the same level. Climb onto the swimming plateau or step aboard over the side of the Discovery OC, and you will find a cockpit and saloon that have blended into each other. The central element is the kitchen, which is installed in the very back of the saloon and therefore directly adjoins the cockpit. The large folding doors and huge windows will make you feel as if you’re cooking outside, and an ice-cold beverage will always be within reach.


Discovery AC & OC at Boot Holland 2016