Sunseeker International Supplier Awards

sun1see Recognised for the production-line support and outright performance of Sleipner Motor's patented new Vector Fin Stablizers, representatives Ronny Skauen, Bryn Thomas and Lee Daniel were delighted to receive this year's prestigious Sunseeker International Supplier Award for 'Technical Innovation'.

The ceremony, which took place on the Sunseeker stand at the 2014 PSP Southampton Boat Show (12th to 21st September), comprised 10 different categories, with Sleipner being recognised for their contribution towards significantly increasing stabiliser performance in both 'at anchor' and 'cruising' situations.

The unique curved shape plus winglets design of Sleipner's Vector Fin Stabilizers increases the efficiency and reduces the negative side effects of old style fin stabilizers and are now 'first-choice' fit for Sunseeker customers requesting stabilisers across the 50ft to 115ft model range.


In his citation given prior to the award being presented to Sleipner Motor, Sunseeker International Director of Procurement, Andrew Macdonald said: "The Technical Innovation award is presented to a company that has been jointly working with Sunseeker on the stabilization systems across the boat range from 50ft to 115ft.

The solution offered improves installation time taken in Production while offering the end client improved comfort on board. This award also acknowledges their proactive approach in supporting the Boat Line Production teams during the build and commissioning of each vessel."