Frauscher TimeSquare 20 Freedom

The latest development of the premium brand is also in line with the company's philosophy of "engineers of emotions". The TimeSquare 20 - a twin-hulled electric boat - fascinates with innovation and a striking design.

The experienced boat builders designed and constructed the catamaran around customer wishes and their user habits. The focus was on the needs of existing and potential Frauscher customers. The result? A drive technology that makes the boat extremely maneuverable and quiet.

"With the TimeSquare 20, we have redefined electric boating," explains Frauscher managing director Michael Frauscher.
The heart of the concept? "Excellent driving characteristics with low energy requirements - we have created a retreat on the water with all the comforts you would want from a boat," says Frauscher. 


The displacement of the catamaran is significantly lower than of a monohull. This reduces the energy requirement and thus increases the range.

Whether cruising or at anchor, the TimeSquare 20 lies very calmly in the water and offers an extremely generous seating and lounging area. The twin-hull design also ensures maximum stability and thus an incomparable feeling of well-being on board.

Two electric outboard engines with up to 2 times 10 kW of continuous power and up to 30 kWh battery capacity provide efficient propulsion. They turn mooring into child's play and operate as quietly as a whisper, even at high speeds.

Thanks to its innovative hull design, the TimeSquare 20 achieves a similar top speed and range as the Frauscher 740 Mirage Air - with significantly less energy expenditure.


Of course, Frauscher has not sacrificed functionality: a refrigerator for cool drinks, sun protection for the whole boat and a high-end sound system round off the feel-good experience on board. The generous use of high-end materials such as carbon fiber not only looks good but also reduces weight.
The TimeSquare 20 thus not only offers a new dimension in design and comfort in the field of nautical e-mobility, but also a quantum leap in terms of efficiency and range.

The innovative hull shape allows for a large, walkable area on deck - a place (Square) where one likes to spend time. The number 20 stands for the usable area. TimeSquare 20 owners have 20 square metres of space at their personal disposal.


Frauscher shipyard:
Frauscher shipyard, with headquarters in Ohlsdorf, Austria, is unique in offering high-quality and innovative motor and electric boats that are valued by experts and boat enthusiasts from around the world: especially due to the striking design and superior craftsmanship – “Made in Austria” by the “engineers of emotions”.


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