ISA Continental line

CONTINENTAL 80 and 65 meters introduce the new CONTINENTAL range designed by Arch. Enrico Gobbi, Team for Design, for ISA Yachts.

ISA CONTINENTAL 80 is a steel and aluminium yacht with very architectural, well-balanced volumes and ‘flowing’ lines. Its external design is highlighted by squared and rigorous side-bands of windows that provide incredible panoramic views to all the main internal areas. A distinctive detail is given by the terraces in the mid-section of the boat; in particular the one on the Upper Deck looks like a real balcony that contributes to flooding the salon with light.

Just as bathed in natural light are also other strategic indoor areas such as the gym in the Sky lounge and the Upper and Main Deck salons.

ISAContline 2

Another emblematic feature of this yacht is the aft infinity pool. Rectangular in shape, it develops across the width of the yacht and is distinguished by its aft containment wall formed by 2 glass plates with water flowing between them. So arranged, the pool leaves ample space for large sun-loungers and convivial activities, transforming this area of the Main Deck into an extension of the beach club below. 

The beach club platform on the Lower Deck is fitted with a large bar and a mega wall-mounted TV screen which, when the transom door is open, confers a very scenic effect to the whole stern. When closed, the transom door is characterized by a black trapezoid that represents a distinctive feature of the CONTINENTAL line and that, in addition to the name of the boat, houses the windows for natural interior lighting.

ISAContline 3

The Upper Deck can be considered a true owner-deck with a living room and day areas at the stern and the owner's suite at the bow. Equipped also with touch-&-go helipad, it allows landing passengers to directly access the ship-owner’s quarters in maximum privacy. The exterior design is completed by two imposing stylized chimneys - which in addition to their primary function also serve to balance the proportions of the yacht - and a vast use of stainless steel that adds a modern touch as well as highlighting the windows and terraces. Provided with 7 cabins to accommodate up to 12 passengers assisted by 19 crew members housed in 10 cabins, the yacht is equipped with two MTU 16V4000M63L engines reaching a maximum speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots with a range of 6200 nautical miles.


The naval architecture of the CONTINENTAL 65 metres provides for a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure with an exclusive style to which its designer, Arch. Enrico Gobbi of TEAM for Design, has applied more sinuous and less architectural lines compared to its 80-metre version, so as to make it apparently longer and more dynamic.

ISAContline 4

Very important is the stern where the structure rises all the way to the Upper Deck to ascribe a slender element also to the vertical profile of the yacht. To flood the interiors of CONTINENTAL 65 with natural light are the big squared windows distinctive of the CONTINENTAL range. As for the specious rectangular pool, in this case it develops along the length of the bridge and astern is delimited by a single-glass containment wall, while the opposite wall - also in glass - extends vertically up to the ceiling to act as a backdrop for a waterfall, separating the pool from the remaining deck arranged as a living area.

So laid out, the pool leaves ample space for sun-loungers and transforms this portion of the Main Deck into an extension of the actual beach club below.

ISAContline 5

This beach club is very important because it includes an authentic SPA complete with sauna and massage room, in addition to the living area and the bar where the atmosphere is accentuated by a very scenic lighting system. When closed, the transom door is characterized by another distinctive feature of the CONTINENTAL range: a black trapezoid that, in addition to the name of the boat, houses the windows for interior natural lighting. As well as the stern, this project shares yet another imprint typical of the CONTINENTAL range and that is the exterior design aimed at lightening the large volumes through curved lines and conferring the superstructure a harmonious and ‘flowing’ appearance.

Always at the stern, we can fully appreciate the entire lighting system with indirect lights, LED bars and various scenographic solutions... in short, a very well-studied lighting system. Unlike the CONTINENTAL 80, rather than with two imposing stylized chimneys, here the sky-lounge is provided with a couple of large wings to lighten and personalize the boat with a very original touch inspired by the wings of a jet.To complete the amenities, the deliberately raised panoramic Jacuzzi on the Fly Deck ensures a splendid view and is sufficiently large to accommodate enough guests.

ISAContline 6

Finally, as regards the furnishings, we find a modern style achieved with fine materials and details in steel, glass and marble. Provided with 6 cabins to accommodate up to 12 passengers assisted by 16 crew members housed in 9 cabins, the yacht is equipped with two MTU 12V4000M63 engines reaching a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots with a range of 5500 nautical miles at 11 knots.


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