Maxi Dolphin: A Growing Company

A few weeks after the launch of the new MD75 Mills and with the MD62 fully into production, Maxi Dolphin, Brescian yard specialized in the production of Italian-made custom and semi-custom sailing and motor yachts, reinforces and widens its commercial structure.

Today the new “Maxi Dolphin Sea Office” is fully operative. The “Sea Office” is based in the Portofino Gulf and takes over the task of developing yard's marketing strategies, increasing the brand awareness and grant the commercial support as per the semi-custom branch.

Maxi Dolphin was born in 1987 with the launch of of the 73' yacht “Carmen di Bellavista”, designed by Bruce Farr, followed by the 118' “Viriella” designed by German Frers.

MaxiDolphin 2

From the beginning, the shipyard emerged as the reference point for the custom-made production, combining 3 key elements: best technology, composite materials and an extremely well-finished hand- crafted work, in order to deliver carefully crafted and unique yachts.

These models will be later followed by other important collaborations with the most famous yacht designers in the world, such as Roberto Starkel, Luca Brenta Design, Bill Tripp, Finot-Conq, in search of the perfect union between innovation and quality at the highest level, for yachts that represent their owner and his passion for the sea.

MaxiDolphin 3

The launch of the MD62 and MD75 marks Maxi Dolphin's entrance to the semi-custom market.

The new structure, Maxi Dolphin Sea Office, will support the yard's management on strategic and operational choices regarding marketing and commercial matters, in order to grant continuity in terms of production, ensure the growth of the yard's brand, by making available to clients all the possible choices and personalisation typical of a boutique yard. MaxiDolphin 4

Maxi Dolphin Sea Office team will develop the brand in the branch of semi-custom production both on the Italian territory and internationally, thanks to their multi-annual experience in marketing and sales in the field of high-end sailing yachts.



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