Custom Line 120’ was honoured at the 2018 Boat Builder Awards

The innovative glass door on Custom Line 120’, won the Boat Builder Award in the category “Collaborative Solution Between A Superyacht Builder and Its Supply Chain Partner”.

The glass door was designed by the Ferretti Group Engineering Department in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski Design studio and developed in conjunction with Mecaer Aviation Group.


The invention is an innovative glass door that breaks new ground in the nautical world, with undeniable benefits in terms of both practicality and aesthetic appeal. The door, installed at a 45° angle, can either open traditionally with the two panels sliding sideways, or exploit a tilting mechanism to rotate upwards and disappear into the ceiling. Both operations are performed by electric motors, with the tilting rotation made possible by twin worm gears. The system also includes a non-reversible gear motor that ensures safe operation in the event of electrical failures. Through this high-tech mechanism, the tilting door creates a continuity between the cockpit and lounge areas, forming a single environment of over 80 square meters.

Custom Line 120

“Innovation is a door to the future, and in this case it is literally a door: the innovative glass door designed for the new Custom Line 120’. This accolade rewards our Group's significant investments in Research & Development, an area of the yacht-building industry which could be defined as the search for new levels of comfort and the development of solutions capable of improving the on-board experience” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “There isn’t a single investment in R&D that wasn’t rewarded in the form of customer satisfaction.”



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