Dragonfly 25 Touring on test

We embark on the new Dragonfly 25 Touring. A trimaran with high-quality construction, excellent performance and comfortable venues. Report by Gerasimos Gerolimatos for Skipperondeck.gr

The all-NEW Dragonfly 25 is a high-performance trailer-sailer, easy handling for camping and racing sailors looking for an exhilarating lightweight trimaran which retains comfortable accommodation for weekend cruising with family and friends. The new Dragonfly 25 is available in two versions, a Touring version for family cruising and the more powerful and dynamic Sport version for racing in the fast lane. The boat is a multifunctional multihull and can easily be sailed and handled single-handed. You can keep the boat moored folded in a normal narrow marina slip or even drysail the boat. Set-up time for rigging up the boat on the trailer till you go sailing is 30 minutes for two persons.

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Design & Performance
The new Dragonfly 25 is available in two versions, a Touring version and the more powerful and dynamic Sport version. The Dragonfly 25 Touring comes as standard with a 10.5 m single-spreader rotating alloy mast, furling self-tacking jib for ease of single-handing, and a fully-battened mainsail with mainsheet traveller in the cockpit. The Sport version has a taller 11.8 m full carbon rotating rig and carbon spreaders with Ronstan batten car system, a larger sail area with central rudder combined with a longer tiller extension, or, alternatively a rudder on each float. Both the Touring and the Sport versions have the same size hulls - it is exactly the same boat - the difference lies in mast, rig and sails.

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The powerful, high-volume outriggers extend forward of the centre hull for maximum diagonal stability when reaching, and feature new wave piercing bows as developed on the latest racing multi-hulls, while the computer-optimised structure ensures a rigid platform for dynamic and responsive handling. The Dragonfly 25 is easy to trailer and can be handled by any medium sized car due to its light weight of 1,600 kgs in total, incl. trailer. Setting the mast, using the mast setting kit, and launching the boat from the trailer, you will be out sailing in less than 30 minutes - even one person.

The boat offers two smaller cabins, where three adults can sleep - or, two adults and two smaller children. The draft of the boat is 35 cm only, which allows you to sail the boat up on a sandy beach or dry out - offering great fun for the whole family.

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The Dragonfly 25 comes with the Swing Wing system, which Quorning Boats introduced more than 25 years ago. The beam of the boat can easily be reduced from 5.80 m to 2.30 m in a matter of seconds, which allows the boat to fit into any normal marina berth and even into a 40 ft container.

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SPECIFICATIONS DRAGONFLY 25             TOURING                  SPORT
Length sailing                                                      7.65 m                    7.65 m
Length folded                                                       8.95 m                    8.95 m
Beam sailing                                                        5.80 m                    5.80 m
Beam folded                                                        2.30 m                     2.30 m
Trailer beam                                                        2.30 m                     2.30 m
Mast section Touring version,          Aluminium  10.50 m                         -
Mast section Sport version, Carbon                     -                              11.80 m 
Rudder                                                                   1                            1 or 2
Draft, board up                                                     0.35 m                      0.35 m
Draft, board down                                                1.50 m                      1.50 m
Bowsprit length                                                    1.40 m                      1.40 m
Outboard                                                                 6 Hp                           6 Hp
Mainsail                                                                  24 m2                     29 m2
Jib                                                                         10 m2                      12 m2
Code  0                                                                  25 m2                     30 m2
Gennaker                                                              45 m2                      60 m2
Weight of standard boat, excl. extras                    1,100 kgs               1,100 kgs
Trailer steel. Total weight, incl. boat                       1,800 kgs               1,800 kgs
Fun factor                                                              100%                       100%
No of berths                                                            3.5                           3.5
Max. No of persons for CE-Category C                   4                              4
Max. No of persons for CE-Category D                   6                              6
Unsinkable                                                             Yes                           Yes

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