Outcut Cruiser 29.5, the innovative catamaran

Innovate freedom summarises the spirit of this new entrepreneurial adventure: building boats that may open new mobility horizons through technical innovation and design, offering to those who are fond of the sea, a product dedicated to the pure pleasure of navigation, without burdens or operating limits. 

“I dedicated my time to the Outcut 29.5 project with the vision of a new nautical concept that extends beyond the boundaries and stereotypes of traditional pleasure boats .I like to think to be able to explore different seas every year and adventure myself in places which are difficult to reach with cruisers. I love navigating for a long time, in total comfort and safety conditions, also with the whole family. I like thinking that mobility by sea is possible with efficient boats, of low impact, that respect the marine habitat. This is my idea of freedom that after years of design, testing, simulations, we were finally able to translate into an innovative, efficient, safe and comfortable boat.“ explains Pietro Carrieri, founder of the innovative entrepreneurial project.

Cru29.5 2

Outcut 29.5 is a towable catamaran with variable width with a unique habitability in just nine metres and an unprecedented efficiency. Months of tests in water and virtual simulations confirmed the expected results during the two years of design development: the project was fully industrialised in 2017 and is ready for production. It will be presented on the international market in January 2018 at the Boot show in Düsseldorf and will be announced soon a calendar of over 20 open days in Italy, between February and March 2018, to experience the results attained first-hand. Cruiser 29.5 represents state-of-the-art technique and opens new mobility horizons when travelling by water and land. Hulls made entirely in vacuum carbon composite to ensure lightness and structural resistance.

Waterlines studied to maximize the penetration coefficient, ensuring stability and efficiency. Draught of only thirty centimetres. The innovative DHR (Dynamic Hull Range) system allows changing the hull width from 2.5 metres on the trailer or in the port, to 3.5 metres during navigation, without compromising the habitability aspects. These are only some of the technical features and patents that make Outcut Cruiser 29.5, the boat conceived for those who simply wish to enjoy navigation, in total freedom and without the nautical burdens.

Cru29.5 3

Outcut Cruiser 29.5. Essentially, everything.
An unprecedented power-performance ratio: boasting two off-board 20 horse power engines, it has a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots. Its exceptionally high efficiency makes it particularly suitable for electric powered systems: a zero impact cruiser for comfortable sailing with no impact on the sea ecosystem. The catamaran can be equipped with an auxiliary sail and a simplified and efficient mast, that combines pure pleasure with a performance increase of over 30%. The hulls have been carefully designed to obtain utmost fluodynamic efficiency, they are entirely made in vacuum carbon and epoxy resin composite to maximize the weight/mechanical performance ratio, and are equipped with water-tight compartments that make them unsinkable. The reinforced bows and draft of only 30 centimetres allow the Cruiser 29.5 to reach shore.

Cru29.5 4

The deck spaces are conceived to provide maximum comfort for up to eight passengers. There are no technical elements on the bridge to the advantage of the walkways from the spacious sun deck to the cockpit. The hulls are equipped with fresh water tanks, fuel tanks, batteries and two capacious 100 litre peaks. The cockpit also has a further two capacious 520 litre peaks. The inviting living area of the cruiser is designed to easily accommodate up to four berths, to provide outstanding comfort even on long journeys. The interior is fitted with a double bed (160x210cm) cabin at the bow, a bathroom with shower, a dinette with a table for six which can be turned into a double bed (140x190cm) if so required. The two hatches allow quick access to the deck, finished with anti-slip surf grip surface. The areas are outstandingly bright thanks to the large portholes and there is front visibility even from the cockpit. The dinette can be further equipped with a walled kitchen featuring an undertop single sink and a two burner hob.

The catamaran is conceived as a modular system which can be freely configured to meet the specific requirements of the owner and updated over time. Outcut 29.5 can also be customized colour wise, selecting a combination of shades for the hulls, living area and the deck.



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