The new Pershing 140

The biggest and most eagerly anticipated super yacht that will bring endless thrills to the many Pershing fans has made another major step forward.
In recent weeks, the aluminium hull of the new Pershing 140 was in the spotlight during a spectacular moving operation.

Its destination was the dedicated facility in which all the construction activities will be carried out within the Super Yacht Yard in Ancona, where the Ferretti Group has concentrated production of its of 28- to 90-metre fleet in lightweight alloy, steel and fibreglass, under the CRN, Pershing, Riva and Custom Line brands.

Created through the partnership between the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee, the group’s Engineering Department and the architect Fulvio De Simoni, Pershing 140 is the biggest yacht ever built by the brand and the first in its 32-year history to be built in Ancona, Pershing's new “home” alongside the original production site in Mondolfo.
“We are proud and excited to be opening a new chapter in the history of the marque,” commented Stefano De Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer of the Ferretti Group. “Pershing 140 is the epitome of over thirty years of state-of-the-art yacht building, always a wave ahead of everyone else in terms
of innovative style and design, standard of comfort and sailing performance. The new flagship takes to even higher levels the brand's sporting spirit and racing flair always so popular with Pershing yacht owners, who will love its powerful yet streamlined and aerodynamic profile as well as its fabulous spaces providing unparalleled comfort in a yacht of this size.” Once the hull was positioned and secured inside the production facility, the initial stages of the work began with the outfitting of the yacht and the on-board installation of the superstructure blocks.These activities will continue until September. In late September, the skeleton of the hull and superstructure will be completely assembled and work will continue over subsequent months with the outfitting of the engine room, technical systems and interiors.

Pershing 140 will be equipped with four MTU M96L 16V 2000 engines, generating 2600 Mhp, which will propel the flagship to a maximum speed of 38 knots at the trial load (preliminary data). Meanwhile, renovation and extension work is continuing at the Ancona production facility, where the Ferretti Group has multi-annual investment plans for the creation of an industrial hub featuring the very highest levels of innovation, technology and excellence, and which – after the Custom Line site and the Riva Superyachts Division facility – now confirms Pershing's “official” entry into the
new dimension of super yachts.





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