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One of the most high-tech, impressive and effective constructions ever built in Greece has been successfully completed and sailed from Greece at the end of March 2015 on her first voyage to her Owner. She has been designed and built according to SOLAS regulations for passenger vessels of unrestricted service.

She has an overall length of 122m, extreme width17.3m, 8decks, electric propulsion (ABB, 2x4 MWAZIPODS), supported by 7 Caterpillar Diesel Generators(7x1600 kW) and she is fully automated. She has accommodation and facilitiesfor 54 guests and is manned by 48 crew and 34 staff members.

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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering design was undertaken by NAOS who were supported by Tecnoshipfor the engineering workshop drawings. The styling & interior design was assigned to H2 Yacht Design. Alpha Marine Ltd. (Yacht Designers and Naval Architects) was appointed the Project Managementand the supervision of the construction. Alpha Marine having important experience on design and construction of SOLAS MEGA YACHTS since 2000, has virtually undertaken the construction of the vessel under the capacity of the Project Manager on behalf of the Shipping Company to which the vessel was delivered after her completion.

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In specific, Alpha Marine undertook the below listed tasks:
1. To verify all design parameters (N.A - M.E. – Styling – Interior design) and the interfacing compatibility as well as their compliance with Classification Society (LRS), Flag Authorities (Cayman Islands) and SOLAS Regulations.
2. To solve problems and settle details arising during the construction in cooperation with Surveyors, the equipment manufacturers, etc.
3. To select the subcontractors, makers, suppliers after market research in collaboration with the Owner's Representatives.
4. To supervise project globally,focusing on all construction parameters.
5. Toorganize the construction, the corrections and modifications of the project plan, handle orders, manage the store houses, schedule of factory-commissioning tests and the dock and sea trials until the final issuance of permanent vessel certificates.
6. To communicate on a daily basis with the local Surveyors (Classification Society and Flag Authorities) and with the Consultants for special aspects of the construction (painting, hydraulic systems, automations and electronic installations, etc.). Particular attention was paid to the implementation of the Classification Society and Flag Regulations and often to their interpretation.
7. To plan the deliveries (periodical and final), of all main and auxiliary systems by the subcontractors and manufacturers to the Classification Society and Flag Authorities and eventually to the Owner's Representatives.
8. To settle the complications arising from the sequence of works, smooth out contradictions and establish of an atmosphere of trust and collaboration between all the parties involved in the Project.
9. To organize of all meetings periodic and occasional(Owner's, Designer's , Surveyors' and Consultants' , Subcontractor's meetings, etc.).
10. To collaborate with the crew and assist in training and familiarization courses on the main and auxiliary vessel systems.
11. To monitor the finances of the project, market research, assist in compiling the contracts, verify payments and milestones and also the VOs for additional works in cooperation with the Owner's Representatives and accountants.
12. To communicate and handle local Authorities (customs office, port authorities, VAT exemptions, etc.).

The Project was successfully completed with the contribution of the experienced Alpha Marine team (20 cooperating Engineers), who were settled at Elefsis Shipyards for the duration of works. The on-site team was continuously supported on technical and managing issues by the head-office staff.
Various facilities of Elefsis Shipyard were rented out for the Project (Floating Dock, storage areas, offices, etc.) and supplies (cranes, electric power, internet services, compressed air, fire protection and security teams, etc.).


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