The first Martinique takes shape at Moonen


The first example of the new semi-custom Martinique is taking shape at Moonen Shipyards as the Dutch yard makes excellent progress on a motoryacht that will be available by the summer of 2016.

While the initial stages of the revolutionary high-tensile steel hull are completed (see attached video), the designers and engineers continue to make smart adaptations that enhance this 36-metre/120 ft/350 GT superyacht from Moonen’s new Caribbean series. The first Martinique will showcase everything that makes spending time onboard on a Moonen such an exquisite pleasure.  Moonen has a strong reputation for building premium quality motoryachts in the 30 to 50-metre range, backed up by decades of experience and satisfied owners around the world. Nonetheless, the positive response to its new semi-custom Caribbean series took even this premium Dutch yard a little by surprise. Two versions of the Caribbean series are already under construction: Martinique hull #1 and the first 30-metre/100 ft/199 GT Matica.

Modern classic
Like her sister ships, the Martinique is named after an island in the Caribbean, reflecting the fact that she is likely to spend much of her time in warm climates. Her design from the boards of René van der Velden showcases a cool modern twist on the classic Moonen style. Its timeless look & feel is sure to translate into a high resale value.


One of the many exciting aspects of this first Martinique build is the use of high-tensile steel for the hull, a genuine innovation for a vessel of this size. “The advantage of using high tensile steel is that the construction can be made lighter and yet have the same strength of ‘normal’ steel,” explains Moonen MD Emile Bilterijst. “The Martinique will be a lightweight superyacht which, when paired with a smart slender hull design, will give a projected top speed of approx. 17 knots combined with a low fuel consumption at cruising speed.”

Optimising the design
The hull design and hull shape have been precisely optimised using CFD calculations. “Leveraging on Moonen’s rich experience with fast displacement boats we have opted to add propeller tunnels to Martinique,” continues Bilterijst, who remains a naval architect in heart and soul. “One of the goals was to offer a limited draft - which will be a vital feature when exploring such wonderful places as the Bahamas - combined with low fuel consumption at cruising speeds. This requires large propellers and CFD calculations have been used to optimise tunnel shape and positioning of appendages on the hull.

“We are now shaping the hull and the tunnels in an optimum way within the set parameters in order to achieve the best possible propulsion outcome. With her exceptionally comfortable seakeeping performance, superior noise & vibration attenuation properties and low cost of ownership, I believe that the Martinique will change the way people view steel-hulled motoryachts.”

Adding value
Another enhancement generated by the Moonen team during the development process has been to optimise the splendid views of the water offered by the windows in the master suite. This makes for an impressive feature in an already impressive space, and one which adds a further touch of class to the overall profile.

Meanwhile the interior designers from the Nauta Design studio in Italy are coming up with an array of ideas that require flexibility in the interior layout. “It is very inspiring to see specialists from different disciplines working together to find the perfect solution for each area of the yacht,” adds Bilterijst. “The cooperation with Nauta Design has been very professional and the interior will feature a refined simplicity, clean lines and a significant use of natural light. There is still time for new owners to work closely together with the project team to define the interior atmosphere to their own preferences.”

With the design and engineering process complete, the production team is now working to ensure that the innovative and charter-friendly Martinique lives up to her potential as the best superyacht available in this size. Like all models in Moonen’s Caribbean series, she will benefit from Moonen’s stringent quality control as well as Moonen’s superior warranty terms and after-sales service.



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