Gill sunglasses

All Gill sunglasses are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost.

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Compact compressor cooling that fits anywhere

There’s always room for one more, reads an old saying. Even so, room is often in short supply on board a boat. This is why many skippers used to go without the comforts of an effective cooling device for their provisions.


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Victron products have got a warranty period of 5 years

Besides being worldwide renowned as a reliable manufacturer of generators and diesel-electric propulsion systems, Fischer Panda GmbH has also been selling Victron power electronics for many years.

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MTN “UltraBurst” delivers Yachts the Highest Communications Speeds

MTN Communications announces the launch of “MTN UltraBurst” for yachts for the 2015 Mediterranean Season. The MTN UltraBurst service delivers the only on-demand, consumption-based, high-throughput Ku-band connectivity solution available to yachts today.

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New features for NavNet TZTouch2 series

In 2012, FURUNO set a new standard for touch screen technology with the introduction of the marine industry's first multi touch navigation system. FURUNO continue to leverage the latest hardware and software technology with their newest MFD (Multi Function Display) introduction, NavNet TZtouch2.

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V-Technology Rotating Sun Awning

Jacuzzis are almost always located on the sun deck of yachts. This means they are completely open to the elements. On certain days sun and wind can be very fierce to the point where it gets so uncomfortable that the owner or guests have to leave the Jacuzzi.

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Performance Boots by Gill

The new breathable boot collection from Gill is the most technical breathable waterproof footwear that we have ever produced.

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Tankoa expands its fleet with two new projects

Construction work has started at Tankoa’s other metal work facility in La Spezia on two...