Aegean Electronics: C-MAP introduced the X Generation of charts

C-MAP introduced the X Generation of charts

The DISCOVER™ X and REVEAL™ X, a new generation of C-MAP charts, were recently introduced by Aegean Electronics

They provide a fresh, dynamic navigation experience exclusively for the new Simrad® NSX. A common user interface (UI) across Chart-Plotter, Desktop, Tablet, and Phone platforms is what was demanded, and it is what this new generation of charts delivers. Moreover, these new charts have been created for NSX and they are the perfect partner! They are clearer, cleaner, and easier to view and use. Their innovative CMT Technology implemented means that they’ll evolve must faster than previous generations were able to, with frequent updates.

The DISCOVER™ X and REVEAL™ X charts provide several new features, such as:

  • Updated cartography presentation, by taking advantage of state-of-the-art rendering functions with modern chart style design and presentation. All this while featuring the same look and feel across different touchpoints.
    Best-in-Class Day & Night Mode provides the best presentation without compromising the user’s night vision.
  • Improved Autorouting, displays the suggested route in a matter of seconds for most normal use cases. Moreover, there is no limitation in distance between starting and arrival points but, depending on the area complexity, the user should divide a long route into legs.
  • Map Inspector Tool
  • Smooth App integration, with free planning and free sync
  • Full-featured Vector Charts
  • High-resolution bathymetry
  • Custom Depth Shading
  • Tides & Currents
  • Detailed Marina & Port plans
  • Harbor & Approach details
  • 12 months free, easy chart updates
  • Connected experience, future-proof

In addition to the above the REVEAL™ X charts provide exclusively:

  • Shaded Relief, which brings the world around to life with 3D rendered land and underwater elevations.
  • Satellite Imagery overlayed as a top-down view, which allows an intuitive understanding of new areas for a better connection with surroundings.

The two tiers available have been simplified and aligned even more, with the X Generation of charts, by offering the same regional coverage with each other. The DISCOVER™ X and REVEAL™ X (large coverage charts) plus the DISCOVER™ X – XL (extra-large coverage) are available in SD-card and digital download. While the REVEAL™ X – XL charts are available only as a digital download.




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