Solar Powered Marine Light

Nuova Rade high quality Solar Powered Marine Light is an Italian designed, multi-purpose light to have on board, with convenient and safe installation.

It features white LED light and can be used either as a position indicator light (anchoring light) or for other purposes, such as dining and reading on board, as it is detachable from its base.
The Solar Powered Marine Light is eco-friendly as it gets (re)charged with solar power, without adding an extra burden to the boat's battery. It automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn and can be easily mounted on the rails.
With rechargeable battery of 800mAh capacity, ensuring operation of more than 10 hours. With 3 powerful LEDs for all around luminosity of 1.2 cd. Can be combined with Nuova Rade Antenna Rail Mounts. Permanent rail mounting base suitable for 19-25 mm boat rails.



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