Eumaria epoxy primer HB for antiosmosis protection at S/Y ONDECK.

Eumaria Epoxy Primer HB, is a two-component, high solids epoxy based, primer and undercoat, with a very durable polymer structure. Great resistance to physical stress and salt water. Words: Dionysis Karageorgos* 

Provides excellent anticorrosive protection on metal surfaces while preventing the osmosis blistering on GRP. It can be applied up to 300 µm wet film thickness without sagging. The tie coat we used is eumaria vinyl primer silver.

EumariaHB 2

Eumaria vinyl primer silver is chlorinated rubber, one component primer with aluminum flakes. Suitable barrier/sealer coat over incompatible or unknown antifouling. Can be used as a tie coat between epoxy primer and topcoat or Antifouling.

And finally for antifouling protection we used eumaria racing Plus white.

EumariaHB 2

Eumaria racing plus white is a high strength self Polishing organotin-free antifouling paint. Contains specified biocides and protects submerged areas from bacteria, algae, seaweed, shellfish and generally adherent organisms. Ideal for hulls made of polyester, wood, steel and aluminum or light alloys.

*Dionysis Karageorgos
Technical Support Eumaria
Yannidis Bros S.A. - Eumaria


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