Karver Acquires Pontos

Karver Systems acquired Pontos at the beginning of February 2018. Karver and Pontos are two French companies present on the sailing hardware market with similar DNAs focused on innovation and performance.

Karver has always included in its strategic development plan the creation of a range of winches and was therefore naturally positioned for the acquisition of Pontos.

Pontos winches are based on epicyclic gear trains associated with automatic load detection technology. Depending on the choice of model this approach can offer either 3 times more power or 6 times more speed compared to all other winches on the market. This technology is protected by numerous patents.

Racers gain speed in tacks, gybes, hoist and furling. It is no coincidence that 15 competitors will be at the start of the Route du Rhum on November 4th with our winches including the very popular Loick Peyron.

The phenomenal power of the winch allows you to maneuver effortlessly and without the use of electric winches. 25% of the inhabitants of European countries and the United States suffer from osteoarthritis. We would be proud to participate in making the practice of sailing less physical and more accessible for them.

Karver 1

Karver 3
Through the Karver marking that we will put on each winch, we bring the fruit of 15 years of experience of the Offshore Racing, blue water sailing boats and the Super Yachts.

The new range will be presented at the Mets trade fair in Amsterdam next November. The improvements made will have an impact on prices and technical characteristics. With a few exceptions, we seek to ensure real continuity with the Pontos distribution network. In any case, our historical distributors will market these new Karver winches.



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