Mercury Marine all-new 15/20hp EFI FourStroke

Mercury Marine announces the introduction of its ultra-lightweight & reliable 15/20hp EFI FourStroke outboard platform & Mercury Marine announce the introduction of VesselView® 903, the company’s largest and most advanced multifunction display.

Mercury Marine announces the introduction of its ultra-lightweight & reliable 15/20hp EFI FourStroke outboard platform. In addition, Mercury is proud to launch its innovative new Multi-Function Tiller Handle assembly designed for the 15/20hp EFI FourStroke platform – the world’s first portable outboard tiller that offers left or right hand tiller handle operation. “We are thrilled to bring to the market an all-new 15/20hp EFI four-stroke outboard platform, ‒ an engine that is easy-to-start, intuitive-to-operate, lightweight, fuel-efficient, quiet, powerful and reliable,” said John Buelow, Mercury Marine VP of global category management. “Through extensive consumer research, we identified the defining features that our customers had been asking for, and these engines provide them.

The goal is always to deliver an elite boating experience to our customers, and these engines do just that.” Mercury’s new Multi-Function Tiller Handle is an ergonomically enhanced control for the outboard lineup. This lightweight portable outboard platform starts at just 45 kg and is 5 kg lighter than the platform it replaces.

MerMarine 1


“Mercury’s all-new, proprietary tiller handle is adjustable in ways never seen before on portable outboards,” said Jim Hergert, Mercury Marine category manager.

“It can be set up for right- or left-hand operation and the vertical down stop is adjustable to accommodate specific boat types, enhancing the boating experience and making it extremely user-friendly.” New outboard platform sets a new bar in the marine industry Designed for all recreational and commercial operators, Mercury’s new outboard features battery-free EFI for fast, reliable starting, instant throttle response and better overall performance; is among the lightest on the market improving acceleration, top speed and handling, and delivers exceptional fuel economy. Like all Mercury FourStrokes, the new 15/20hp EFI also is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Its clean, no-drip, no-spill oil drain system, fresh water flushing attachment, water separating fuel filter and the maintenance guide under cowl makes this one of the most userfriendly outboards on the water today.

Multi-Function Tiller Handle is first-of-its kind The most exciting new feature Mercury has developed for the new 15/20hp EFI FourStroke platform is the Multi-Function Tiller Handle. “The user-focused tiller delivers a new level of features, functions, craftsmanship, style and control for portable outboards, enhancing the boating experience,” said John Lasschuit, Mercury’s EMEA product manager.

Traditionally, tiller handles are mounted on the port side of outboard motors, intended for lefthand operation. However, Mercury Marine’s user research found that a significant percentage of boaters prefer to control the tiller handle with their right hand, in addition on tiller operated boats with fixed seating positions the tiller handle tiller can now be positioned to the most convenient location to operate the outboard. Using hand tools, boaters can adjust the tiller arm’s horizontal angle 18° port and starboard from center, at 6° increments.

MerMarine 2

The throttle grip rotation is also reversible to compliment the tiller angle position to provide a more intuitive and comfortable boating experience, regardless of driving-hand preference.

Today, boaters lack the ability to adjust a tiller’s vertical operating angle. Mercury’s user research showed that most boaters desire this capability, because boat layouts vary making tillers difficult to reach in some cases. In response, Mercury designed an adjustable down stop that allows boaters to quickly and easily change the vertical operating angle of their tiller handle between -5° and +10° for easy reach and relaxed operation. Mercury also designed a tilt lock feature that locks the tiller angle at 73°.

A feature positioning the tiller out of the way. Intuitive touch points on the Multi-Function Tiller Handle include the forward mounted shift lever and stop button integrated into the throttle grip for easy reach. The throttle friction knob, with its large, soft-touch rubber over mold is easy to grip. It applies friction to throttle rotation, allowing boaters to easily dial-in their desired speed / throttle response. Power Tilt, on select models, allows for effortless engine tilting in shallow water or when trailering.



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