Vision Systems unveils smart interactive window


As an expert in smart shading systems and following the establishment of its new division Smart Lite last year devoted to the design, production and sales of dimmable solutions, 

Vision Systems will present the second-generation Electronically Dimmable Window (EDW), Nuance V2, and the latest version of its smart interactive window, Acti-Vision Window. Vision Systems' electronically dimmable solutions offer ultimate design and privacy as well as enhanced visual, thermal and acoustic comfort, for a peaceful atmosphere and a more enjoyable time on the water. They enable passengers to tune the tint of a window from clear to dark to regulate daylight, glare and heat entering in while preserving the view.

With Nuance V2, Vision Systems continues to widen the gap with the competition; the new solution provides unprecedented optical quality, with haze <3% and clarity close to 100%, thanks to an innovative interlayer that integrates UV, IR and hydrophobic barriers. A new industrial process adapted to small-medium series allows for a more competitive product.

Based on SPD technology (Suspended Particle Device), Vision Systems’ EDWs offer infinite variable shading from fully clear to an extremely dark state and instant response time. They contribute to a reduction of air conditioning consumption and automatically switch to their darkest possible state when unpowered, maximizing heat rejection and keeping the interior cooler, with a reduction of inside temperature up to 10°C/18°F. These solutions block more than 99.9% of harmful UV light to prevent the interior from fading. They also deliver a weight reduction of about 30% compared with motorized shades. Furthermore, the in-house developed electronics are fully integrated. Vision Systems’ EDWs are easy to install, to retrofit and provide a considerable reduction in maintenance costs compared with shades.


Vision Systems' EDWs range comprises multizone solutions with each zone to be controlled independently and privacy solutions: opaque white for 100% privacy while enjoying daylight, opaque dark shading system to control both daylight and privacy, and the “see without being seen” solutions with laminated fabric or mirror coating for premium style privacy. It also includes self-powered systems with photovoltaic cells integrated into the glazing (transparent) or onto the frame of the window allowing to harvest solar energy in a battery to operate the dimmable solution totally independently of the boat electrical system.

They can all be easily controlled either manually by the passengers (buttons, touch panel, PEDs) or by the crew through a centralized control panel, or automatically thanks to integrated light or temperature sensors.

These dimmable solutions can be incorporated into flat or curved surfaces, use plastic, glass or composite glass and tailor any shape of windows, in horizontal or vertical position.

Vision Systems can supply complete customized systems including composite frames and opening mechanisms.


In addition to these dimmable solutions, Vision Systems will exhibit the latest version of its Acti-Vision Window adapted to ferries. Acti-Vision is a smart interactive window that allows the passenger to interact directly on the window, through an integrated transparent touchscreen, with information and on-board services displayed, such as interactive maps, travel information, daily news or restaurant menus.

Global or local advertisements can be displayed on the window to provide a new source of revenue for the operator. Each interface and content is adapted to meet the client’ specificities. Vision Systems is the single contact for installation, maintenance operation and content management and update.

This solution enhances the passenger experience, allows the operator to differentiate itself through innovation with a modern reassuring image, while providing a high return on investment.



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