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Communication providers’ internet data packages charging policies are different in each country. Mega- yachts typically require a huge amount of GB on daily basis.

Billing, top-ups, activation’s vary for each provider and package. A while ago, a 50 meter charter yacht travelling in the Mediterranean roamed into more than 4 countries, thus inuring abnormal 3G/4G data charges. . This situation begrudged the clients on board, while the costs per GB increased suddenly. That cannot be avoided as providers offer data packets that include a small amount of data, compelled the maritime companies to buy those packets like there is no other. Another aspect that must be taken into consideration is the fact that the number of 3G or 4G (LTE) devices and their requirements are increasing each year.

In detail, the most used gadgets/devices that consumed the most Internet data on board are:

Smart TVs, mobile phones or tablets through live streaming
Laptops, mobile or tablet applications that required voice and data


  • Communications providers offer data SIM contracts with small data packages (a few GB usually)
  • After bandwidth is consumed additional packages will have to be added manually (usually by the captain) who will be obliged to renew the available data manually each time
  • Additional data packages are charged much higher
  • Often yachts can connect to comms providers of nearby countries thus incurring high data roaming charges
  • The costs of the use of another data provider, can vary tremendously depending on which provider you are connected and where you go. In some cases, you could spend more data on checking where a café is, than on your meal when you get there


  • SIM to work everywhere, with the lowest possible cost per GB
  • Big data packets such as 100GB, 200GB or 450GB to cover the vast data needs of a modern mega-yacht
  • Less work for the captain or to whom is in charge in switching SIM cards or checking continuously if their data package has been depleted


  • Global SIM Mobile by Marpoint
  • Offers unlimited data plans of up to 2TB (2000GB)
  • The tariffs can be increased in 25GB increments up to 2TB
  • SIM has no contract and no activation cost
  • SIM card is shipped and can be activated upon request
  • By default, each package expires at the end of the month
  • 4G Roaming available in most countries in Europe

dataroaming 1

Marpoint, found a solution to the continuous increasing demand of yacht data traffic and the continuous problem of having to change SIM cards, providers or having Internet data continuously depleting. Marpoint Global SIM pricing policy and flexibility, allows for a unique pricing list of data tariffs for using the SIM card on any country that a Mega-yacht might sail.
In order to benefit even more the Marpoint Global SIM can be combined with the Multirouter Dual 4G, which is capable of accepting Marpoint’s Global SIM Card as well as any local providers SIM card. Using Marpoint routers, any yacht nowadays can have a unique solution for controlling different WAN getaways (such as VSAT, FBB, 3G, Wi-Fi), get extraordinary hi coverage (up to 20Miles off shore) as well as cost control with ability to get alerts and measure data consumed each month.

Additonal Features and Services of Multirouter Dual 3G, for Yachts and Mega Yachts:

  • Dual 3G/4G, Dual 3G/4G capability with auto failover
  • High Coverage, 20 miles off shore 3Gs/4Gs coverage
  • Auto gateway selection, Switch between VSAT, Dual 3G, Wi-Fi or Single 3G/4G
  • QoS / Bandwidth Quality of Service
  • BYOD / Bring Your Own Device
  • Remote Support, Easy installation and configuration



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