ACR Electronics: ACR Electronics Introduces New Pathfinder PRO SART


Search and rescue transponder assists in the rescue and recovery of survival craft. Global leader in safety and survival technology ACR Electronics, Inc., a Drew Marine company, is introducing its new Pathfinder™ PRO SART.

An important addition to any vessel’s survival gear kit, the ACR search and rescue transponder is a fully-approved SART that complies with IMO SOLAS regulations. Greatly enhancing search and rescue efforts, the manually-activated ACR device is designed to assist in the rescue and recovery of life rafts and survival craft. It transmits a series of pulses which are displayed on a ship’s radar screen as a line of dots, providing a bearing to the survival craft. When powered on, the SART remains in a standby mode until it is automatically activated by an X Band Radar sweep which may come from any vessel in the vicinity.

The user replaceable, superior lithium battery provides over 96 hours of operating life in standby mode and provides 12 hours of active operating life while being interrogated by radar. The batteries have a five-year storage life before any significant reduction in capacity. The Pathfinder PRO SART should not need servicing during its lifetime with the exception of changing the battery before the marked expiry date.

Compact for easy life raft packing, the Pathfinder PRO SART is supplied with a mountable storage bracket and a black telescopic pole, which conveniently connects to the bottom of the SART allowing maximum height and visibility out of a life craft.


The SART is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters and operates between -20°C and +55°C. The new ACR Pathfinder PRO SART is suitable for all yachts and other vessels, including those that are mandated to carry a SART, such as commercial vessels that must conform to GMDSS and those vessels or yachts carrying more than one life raft to accommodate crew and passengers.



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