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Announcement from MaxSea, Nobeltec and MapMedia and lunch of new products

"The past 7 years have seen many changes and with the addition of Nobeltec, we now proudly boast 3 companies in MaxSea, Nobeltec and MapMedia, offering an array of product ranges to suit every need. Our recent product launches have seen two new additions in the iPad TZ App and TZ Costal Monitoring. The launch of iPad TZ App allowed for thousands of new users worldwide to access our marine navigation software. TZ Coastal Monitoring is a highly innovative software for the growing market of coastal and port surveillance. Since 2007, all of the products that we offer are part of the umbrella brand of TIMEZERO Technology. 2016 stands as a watershed year in the history of our group. The global economic environment meant that we would need to standardize our brands and product ranges. We have decided to keep only the TIMEZERO brand name in order to distinguish our products under one family brand. To meet unique national requirements, we decided to return to offering a full range of modular products.

TZ Professional

TZ Professional will be officially released on January 11, 2016. This new version of our professional range will offer many innovations for both commercial fishing and workboat markets.

These are the TZ Professional v3 main features :

New PBG Module
New profile window, a remarkable tool!
Fishing Workspace
Compatibility with S57/S63 charts
New Route Management
New AIS features
Read the TZ Professional v3 complete press release

TZ Navigator

At the time of writing this document, it is too early to introduce in detail all the future features of TZ Navigator v3 that will be released in April 2016.

A new user interface
We decided to rebuild our user interface in order to offer more comfort to our touchscreen users. As more and more PCs are shipped with this type of screen, it seemed essential to move towards 100% touchscreen use. It will obviously still be possible to use our software using a mouse.

Professional functions accessible to sailors
Some of the new professional functions will be made available to all our customers. This is the case for the extended route management and security cone.


We recently integrated the “SHARE " feature in our product TZ App for iPad. This feature allows users to share their position but also receive the position of their "friends" on the map. This feature will be available in TZ Navigator v3. It represents the first step in the creation of our CLOUD infrastructure.

In the future, we plan to develop new CLOUD functions for all of our platforms (Chart Update, Chart data sharing, High resolution weather forecast and more).

TZ Fishing Charts

MapMedia launches a new product designed for sport fishermen and professional fishermen.
With our new TZ Fishing Charts you can see dense contours for both coastal and off-shore locations, giving you a detailed, accurate depiction of the underwater landscape.

Here's a comparison between TIMEZERO marine charts and the new TZ Fishing Charts:



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