V-Technology Rotating Sun Awning


Jacuzzis are almost always located on the sun deck of yachts. This means they are completely open to the elements. On certain days sun and wind can be very fierce to the point where it gets so uncomfortable that the owner or guests have to leave the Jacuzzi.

V-Technology has the perfect solution for this problem; the V-Technology Rotating Sun Awning. Whatever the position of the sun or the direction of the wind may be, the Sun Awning can rotate 360°, so that it always gives you and your guests protection.

Another version of the V-Technology sun awnings is the non rotating system that can be installed as a fixed awning behind a couch or a sunbed.


Both awning systems are custom made to the specific dimensions of the Jacuzzi or couch and the space available aboard the yacht. The drive system is hydraulically operated and has the added safety feature that the awning folds in when the wind gets to strong. The awning systems can be equipped with lighting or audio and be controlled by iPhone or iPad. The colour and style of the awning fabric can be produced according to your design. Only the highest quality materials and components are used.


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