Paddle Trim. New command system at wheel by Ultraflex


Ultraflex has developed the Paddle Trim, the ideal tool for those who love to drive safely and comfortably. It is a control similar to what is used on the steering wheel of the car with electronic gear to select manually the gears. 

On board, instead, the device is used to control the trim and the trim tabs without removing your hands from the steering wheel, to operate with ease and promptness without being distracted by looking for the switches on the dashboard. Ultraflex Paddle Trim is a rocker control integrated with Ultraflex hydraulic helms that holding the steering wheel grip is easily operated with your finger tips.

As an example, on an outboard boat, it can be used to tune the trim and the jackplates of one or multiple engines, or to control other functions. Similarly, once installed on a yacht with surface drives, the Paddle Trim helps you continually control quickly and to check both the trim angle drives and the tabs.

It is available with two or four controls and it can also be installed outside, where the helm is subject to the marine environment. Its main characteristic is the increased safety while driving since it helps to operate different functions while keeping your route.


Paddle Trim gives a sport and technical look to your dashboard, in particular if combined with the beautiful Ultraflex steering wheels. This new device fits any boat equipped with Ultraflex hydraulic steering systems.

On work-boats it is possible to think its use for multiple operating functions, such as operating onboard equipment (pumps, bow and stern thrusters, underwater lights, etc.), but also just for the VHF, or to manage any other apparatus, connection with the appropriate Uflex interface.

Ultraflex is a leader in the field of marine control systems and the Paddle Trim confirms her commitment in researching and developing more and more sophisticated and safety devices.


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