The 2018 Helsinki International Boat Show

The Show’s Boats for the 2018 Helsinki International Boat Show were chosen now for the 20th time from the new boats on display.

This year the Outboard Motorboat of the Show is the Anytec A27, the Day Cruiser of the Show is the Sting 360 Fast Track, and the Cabin Cruiser of the Show is the Galeon 470 Skydeck. The winners were chosen from the three finalists of each category. The Boats of the Show were publicised on Wednesday 14.2. at the 2018 Helsinki International Boat Show.

Special attention was paid to the new value. In addition design, build, and space utilization ideas, functionality of the rooms and ergonomics, price-quality and suitability for the intended use. The accolades of the Best Boat of the Show seek to advance the boating industry's development and give credit to companies for successful product development.

The jury selecting the Boats of the Show described the winning boats as follows:

The Open Motorboat of the Show Anytec A27 is a good and durable open boat which is fitting even for tough conditions. It is a very fast connection boat. The design of the A27 is a clear breakaway from the past and represents a new generation of Anytec boats. The customization of the interior is worthy of note. The boats of Swedish Anytec are known to be robust and fast full aluminium hulled boats, well represented by this boat.

AnSG 2

The Day Cruiser of the Show, the Sting 360 Fast Track is very versatile and it can easily be equipped for fishing, cruising, or connection use. The practical boat makes efficient use of available space, and it has innovative space arrangements and versatile possibilities for accessories. The Norwegian Sting is a newcomer to the Finnish market.

The Cabin Cruiser of the Show, Galeon 470 Skydeck is innovative, of high quality and robustness. It is full of functional details. The most important features are the electrically operated upper deck cover, which opens and closes at the push of a button, as well as the sides that open as terraces. The boat offers many new solutions that are likely to be seen in other boats in the future. Polish Galeon constantly brings new innovations into its boats.

540 new boats are presented this year at the International Helsinki Boat Show, of which the preliminary jury consisting of editors of boating magazines chose the finalists for the Boats of the Show. The choice of winners was made by the jury that included Max Johansson of VTT, Juhani Pappila from Trafi, Venemestari magazine’s Editor-in-chief Jan Sjölund, Vene magazine’s editor Tomi Peurakoski and Kippari-magazine’s reporter Karel Kakko.

AnSG 3

The finalists of the different categories of the Boat of the Show were the following:

Open boat: Anytec A27, Falcon BR 7, and Wide X

Day cruisers: Askeladden C83 Cruiser TSI, Nimbus Weekender 9, and Sting 630 Fast Track
Cabin Cruiser: Galeon 470 Skydeck, Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend, and Targa 27.2


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