Marefind: An online platform with the purpose of ‘Online Job Placement and Networking’


Marefind ( is an online platform with the purpose of ‘Online Job Placement and Networking’ in the Shipping and Yachting Sector.

Its unique dual nature connects all types of Sea-professionals:

  • Those looking to find a job in Shipping/ Yachting
  • Those looking to hire a Sea-Professional either on board or for office-based positions.

Our categories are:

  • Merchant Shipping Vessels: Bulk Carriers, Chemical Carriers, Containers, General Cargo Vessels, LNG Carriers, Ro-Ro Vessels, Tankers, Tug Vessels
  • Passenger Ships: Cruise Ships, Ferry Boats
  • Yachts: Power Boats, Sail Boats
  • Shipping Offices: Accounting, Bunkers, Chartering, Crewing, Finance, Insurance, Internships, Legal, Marine Surveyor, Operations, Secretary, SnP, Superintendent, Supply, Technical, Trader etc.

 The aim of the platform,, is to create a Sea-Professional’s hub connecting directly the two sides, this of the Sea-Professionals/ Crew looking for a Job and the one of Companies looking to hire on board (crew) or ashore (office- personnel).

crew companies select - MAREFIND

The human element in the shipping and yachting sector has and still is the most valuable component of sea. However, it is noticed, that as Shipping and Yachting expands, the harder it is to find the right person, for the right position in the right time and location. Creating thus, confusion from the side of Companies/Owners and disappointment from those looking to find a job in the shipping and yachting industry, leading to increased unexploited employment opportunities.

Fortunately, education for shipping experts develops, providing the industry with bright minds and skilled seafarers from all around the world. Such Sea-Professionals are now welcomed to join, Marefind at, the only universal online platform that focuses solely at Shipping/Yachting.
In Marefind, Shipping/Yachting Companies can get connected directly with all types of Sea-Experts from all around the world, in one ‘Click’.




How to Join Marefind?

Sea-professionals globally, can create a profile in allowing them to be directly approachable by Companies. Companies, worldwide, can also join the platform and seek for candidates or create a Job Post at any time.




Marefind’s Values

Affordable, Global, No Commisions, User Friendly, 24/7, Shipping Focused.

Enjoy the Marefind experience.


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