5 Yachting New Years Resolutions for 2018

Let yacht crew agencies, brokers, and captains fulfil your yachting New Years resolutions in 2018. Read on to discover 5 yachting resolution suggestions.

Owning or chartering a luxury yacht opens a world of adventure, whether exploring remote arctic regions or making a splash on water toys in the Western Mediterranean. The yachting industry comprises knowledgeable experts who are on hand to help realise your seafaring dreams, from yacht brokers to yacht crew placement agencies, catering specialists, and yacht captains; no wish is too great, no desire is too indulgent, and no destination is out of reach. In 2018, we challenge you to live out your New Years yachting resolutions. We’ve hand-picked 5 yachting New Years resolutions to inspire your seafaring aspirations this year.

Cruise More
For many yacht owners and charterers, time is the single greatest commodity. Stepping aboard a luxury yacht allows families to reconnect, friends to catch up, and colleagues to bond. No price can be put on the fun that can be had on a luxury yacht. Introduce your family and friends to your way of life and bond over the creation of memories. In 2018, aim to spend more time aboard your vessel or experience a longer yacht charter to fulfil your seafaring dream.

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Recruit Better
The service offered on your yacht defines a yachting experience. It takes time to develop a professional and personal rapport with your yacht’s crew, but once this is accomplished – usually with the help of yacht crew agencies – you are sure to reap the rewards of a close-knit, efficient group of employees. Whether you value a stew who is inventive with a cocktail mixer, a captain who understands your unusual seafaring goals, or a watersports instructor who can satiate your craving for adrenaline, find those crew who are committed to creating unforgettable memories for you and your family. Perfect your yacht’s crew in 2018 to make the most of your time at sea.

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Travel Further
Nowadays, the world is getting smaller; no destination is too far for the most ocean-ready of vessels. Explorer superyachts can traverse the world’s biggest oceans, while maintaining that sumptuous sense of luxury. Set sail for the remotest of islands in Micronesia, wrap up warm for the Arctic Circle, or drop anchor in an unknown bay in the Philippines. Explore a different part of the world in 2018 – somewhere more remote, more exotic, more adventurous – and quench your thirst for exploration.

Sail Bigger
As the size of your yacht increases, so too does its range of capabilities. Generally speaking, larger yachts can carry more luxury features, such as a Jacuzzi, spa, gym, cinema, and helipad, meaning your seafaring adventure is enriched by desirable amenities and your holiday is more varied. The selection of destinations that a large superyacht can reach is also superior, due to enhanced oceangoing capabilities and a longer range. Buy or charter a bigger yacht in 2018 and experience yachting at its best.

Play Faster
In an industry that is constantly expanding and developing, the offering of superyacht accessories never fails to replenish itself, with new inventions creating more ways to go faster on the water. Water toys offer hours of fun for children and adults alike, and many superyachts carry a vast array of the latest accessories and instructors to ensure safe fun is had by all. In 2018, charter a yacht with new water toys or buy the latest models for your vessel to induce a little more pleasure into your yachting lifestyle.


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