Fitness On Board: Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

Discover 5 simple workout options to stay fit on board a luxury yacht through the winter season. Invigorate your yacht crew job with exercise. Words by Matthew Scott

While February is down-season for some yacht crews, some yacht crewmembers take it upon themselves to make sure the first few months of the year are as active as possible. As entire fleets of luxury yachts sit idly in ports around the Mediterranean, many employees in yacht crew jobs make the most of their free time by keeping fit and active. For some, new year resolutions begin to wane around February, as the prospect of getting fit in the confines of a yacht seems unattainable; but for others – the more creative yachties, with the perseverance to stick to their goals – the winter months in the Mediterranean are an opportunity to physically prepare for a busy summer season ahead, regardless of space restrictions. We’ve compiled a list of exercises that are designed for small spaces. Yacht crews take heed: stop making excuses and start making progress. 


1. Yoga
Yoga is not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health – a valuable benefit for the crew of a luxury yacht. Life can get stressful on board; yoga helps you to escape and find inner peace. It is easy to find yoga tutorials online, meaning that even beginners can get expert guidance for free. Yoga has even been found to improve relationships, which may come in handy in the confines of a yacht. Find a quiet spot on the sun deck and practice your boat pose, your bow pose, and your dolphin plank pose.


2. TRX GO – Suspension Training Kit
The TRX GO Suspension Training Kit is extremely lightweight and can be attached to any stable anchorage for easy use, whether on board a yacht or in any other setting. With just 15 minutes of exercise each day, users can tone and shape their body according to the types of exercises they perform. The range of exercises that one can perform with the apparatus are numerous and diverse, and can vary in difficulty to suit all exercisers. Utilising the weight of your body, it can be used on the arms for an upper body workout, or on the legs for a core workout.


3. Skipping
Skipping is self-explanatory, only requires a skipping rope, can be performed in a small space, and is exceptionally effective – in fact, it burns more calories than most other workouts. According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping has the same health benefits as a 45-minute hard run. So what are you waiting for? Head aft with your rope and skip!



4. Heavy Rope Training
What better way than to stay fit on a yacht than by training with ropes? Heavy rope training was originally developed to awaken those muscles that aren’t normally used in conventional workouts. You’ll need to find ropes that are thick enough to challenge you – 5cm or 6cm should suffice. Work with a partner if possible, and take it in turns to work the rope. Make waves, make circular motions with your hands, and swing from side to side.

5. Floor Mat Exercises
There are endless exercises that one can do from a floor mat: from squats to push ups, sit ups, lunges and planks, you won’t run out of ways to work your entire body on the floor mat. Ideal for a gentle workout in the morning sun on the top deck, the floor mat is inexpensive and simple. Work out as a group or alone.

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