The future is here: the wildest water toys for yacht charters

The best yacht water toys for having fun in the sun on your yacht charter, from futuristic jetpacks to waterslides and submarines. Words by Jo Morgan

Sunshine, adrenaline, thrills and laughter: can there be anything better than getting out on a yacht’s toys while on charter? Charter yachts carry a treasure chest of water toys to keep everyone entertained, so we’ve put together a list of the latest and greatest superyacht toys to ever hit the waves.

Indulge with your inner acrobat with the Jetpack
This nifty and wildly futuristic contraption straps to your back and is powered by the plume of water coming from the yacht’s jetski or waverunnner. You’ll be propelled up to 10m in the air and learn to do backflips, dives and somersaults, while looking down on everyone watching you from the aft deck as you soar above the deep blue sea like superman in a wetsuit. There’s also other models available working on similar principles, such as the Jetlev Flyer which can take two people for a spin, or the Flyboard which operates almost like a wakeboard in the sky. yiou3

Welcome to the future with a personal submarine
The 21st century is finally catching up with the science fiction expectations with hoverboards, driverless cars and personal submarines all now a happy reality. Sink up to 300m beneath the surface in these easy-to-operate submarines, and gaze out the glass dome at the reefs, shipwrecks and creatures around you. Submarines are still fairly rare accessories on superyachts, but with new easy launch systems and more compact designs, subs are rapidly becoming the hottest toy in the superyacht world. Call your yacht broker to find out which charter yachts come with submarines so you can explore the final frontier!


The wakeboard gets a futuristic update
Wakeboarding has been an enduringly and fabulously popular past-time for superyacht guests for many years, but we must admit that sometimes it’s a bit of a bore to find a tow, or to have to sit in the water idly waiting for the tender to come back around after you’ve stacked it in spectacular fashion. Luckily, the clever folk at Raddin have come up with a better way, by installing an electric motor on the wakeboard and letting you streak across the waves in whichever direction you choose!

It’s time to hit the pool (even if your yacht doesn’t come with one as standard.)

Space on yachts—no matter how big—is always at a premium, which is why most superyachts only come with onboard Jacuzzis, rather than big pools that you can do laps in. That’s just the way it’s always been…until some clever spark came up with the idea of the floating pool that could be tethered off the back of the yacht and thereby opening up a whole new relaxation, swimming and entertaining space. Some even come with decking that can be extended across the pool space to create a huge dining/dancing/party venue. For those who think that a pool might be a bit superfluous due to the rather large ocean that the yacht floats about in, we have one word for you: jellyfish. No matter how rich you are, you can’t outrun the tentacled little beasts. Well, you couldn’t, until now.


Channel your ‘Wipeout’ skills with an inflatable waterpark
Kids of all ages (including fun-loving 50 year olds) will be thrilled to bits with a yacht that comes with inflatable waterslides, floating trampolines, obstacle courses, and huge climbing walls. Get up in the morning and run up onto the top deck to slide down the giant slide into the sparkling sea, do somersaults on the trampoline, and climb high above the water on an inflatable wall. You’ll have sore stomach muscles from laughing during the floating obstacle course as you launch from one slippery obstacle to the other and fall into the water. Anyone who’s ever watched Wipeout will adore this feature of the yacht’s watertoys.

These are just a few of the amazing, adrenaline-fuelling water toys carried on superyachts. Call charter brokerage Worth Avenue Yachts to organize your own wild and wonderful water sports yacht charter.

 Words by Jo Morgan for Skipper ONDECK

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