Sensation Cruises by EKKA Yachts

EKKA Yachts S.A., a leading Yacht Dealership, Yacht Brokerage and Yacht Maintenance company with offices in Athens and Limassol, has announced the launching of an innovative short-term charter service for boats sized 15 to 20 meters.

The new service will be called Sensation Cruises and will mainly focus on operating day-cruises in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, with a view to expand to other markets in the future. The company will act both as an owner and an operator, sourcing a fleet of self-owned inventory as well as others owned by its customer-base of 30+ years in boat and yacht Sales.

"The new venture stems from our interest to create a rental market for smaller sized boats out of the growing high-end tourism sector that visits the Greek islands. We plan to create this market by achieving five-star onboard service, an impressive fleet of premium, young and versatile boats, and carefully designed itineraries that will reveal Greece's "hidden treasures" not accessible by big Yachts, road, air, or ferry" read a statement released by the company.

Sensation Cruises operated successfully in Myconos, through a pilot program, last summer. Two Riva Boats operated day-cruises to secluded beaches and neighboring Islands, weekly island-hopping trips and transportation services to islands that are inefficiently covered by public transportation. In the summer of 2012 the company expects to operate five vessels, in three different regions of the Greek waters, serviced by rigorously trained crew members. A dedicated concierge service has also been established to complement the service with a variety of activities that promote the local history, culture and traditions.


www.sensation-cruises.com | www.ekka.gr

When snow meets water

What happens when 16 sailors meet 16 mountaineers? They talk about adventures, sailing, mountains, girls, weather, the Earth, elements, technology...

That's what happenend last week in St Gervais, France during the 21st Mer Montagne Trophy, a traditional meeting between sailors and mountaineers. This amical event was created 20 years ago by former maxi-multihull and Whitbread skipper, Eric Loizeau. After three round the world races and numerous transats culminating in his skippers the maxi-cat Roger & Gallet, Loizeau turned his back on the sea and became a mountain man. He went to the top of the world, scaling Mount Everest. Then he wanted these worlds of water, ice and salt, to share their passions and hence the Trophy Mer Montagne was born.


Over four days the competitors enjoy several sporting challenges; ski touring (where you have to get to the top of the mountain using only your muscles and your sweat), biathlon (shooting & skiing), slalom, transtation and a ski race (ski touring by night). A torchlight ski session also happened, but for the rest, what happens in St. Gervais stays in St Gervais!

Some of the best sailors were there, including ORMA skipper Yvan Bourgnon recently returned from rounding Cap Horn in a beach multihull, Fred Le Peutrec who just finished completed the Jules Verne Trophy on Banque Populaire, MACIF IMOCA 60 skipper François Gabart the young gun competing in the next Vendée Globe and Steve Ravussin who is preparing for a big season on his MOD 70 Race For Water.

If some sailors are good skiers, other are rookies. But the goal is not solely to win this amical event but also to make friends with the mountain men and women, to discover and share their passion as often mountaineers invite sailors to discover their world and vice et versa. Like Aurélien Ducros (2 times FreeRide World Champion) who competed in the last Mini-Transat, or some Mountain Guides who invited sailors to share a ride to the top of the Mont Blanc, the tallest peak in Europe.

All of these stars also enjoyed a conference from Race for Water, a foundation who are trying to explain to the human race the fragility of our water resources and how to preserve them. Salt water and ice, everybody is concerned.

Christopher Pratt wins the 21st Mer Montagne Trophy

Photos: Christophe Launay | www.sealaunay.com
Words: Gilles Morelle

Tips for Boat Buying

Industry Experts Share Insider Tips for Boat Buying

Discover Boating Offers Advice for Selecting the Right Boat, Financing for Every BudgetThe $30.4 billion dollar boating industry saw nearly 75 million American adults take to the water in 2010, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the industry's trade group.

Prospective boaters interested in why life is better with a boat can start at DiscoverBoating.com to learn how to find the right boat for their needs.

"There are a few key elements to purchasing a boat, including the who, what, when and where," said Carl Blackwell, vice president of the North American non-profit organization, Discover Boating.
"First-time boat buyers may run into common misconceptions, so it's important to do the research first to gather as many facts as possible to make the right decision for their needs – Discover Boating helps them do just that." With boats for every lifestyle and budget on the market, first-time buyers should do their homework before shopping.

DiscoverBoating.com offers the following advice for those looking to take to the water:

Determine what, where and who. When deciding on a boat, ask yourself what you want to do with it— fishing, waterskiing or cruising? Where will you be boating—lake, river or ocean? Who will be joining you?
Research has shown most people get involved in boating to spend quality time with family and friends, and nearly 90 percent of Americans live within an hour's drive of a navigable body of water. Do your homework. The best place to shop for boats is at a boat show. Prior to attending a boat show, stroll around a marina and go boating with friends to find out more about the types of boats, brands and models that meet your needs and desires. DiscoverBoating.com is an unbiased resource offering tips and information on all boat categories, as well as financing, insurance and a calendar of boat shows. Find the ideal boat/dealer combination.

Select the dealer that goes the extra mile, offering the best deal and ensuring first-rate service after the sale. Depending on the season, ask for a "test-drive" to experience first-hand how the boat performs in the water. Like car shopping, test-driving several boat types and sizes will help you make a selection.

Build a budget. According to the NMMA, 79 percent of boat owners have a household income under $100,000. There are brands and price points to fit every budget, so determine how much you want to spend before actively looking, and the dealer can recommend models in your price range.

Hone your skills. Complete a boater education course with family members before the boat is launched. Everyone will have more fun with confidence in their abilities as "smart boaters."
Boating safety and seamanship courses are offered by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the U.S. Power Squadron.
Classes are typically free, aside from the cost of materials, and can help reduce boat insurance prices.
Find the Seal of Approval.
Prospective buyers should look closely at more than a price tag when shopping for a new boat. Find the NMMA Certified label, which ensures the boat meets strict industry product quality standards.

[Courtesy of DiscoverBoating.com]

Discover Boating is a national awareness campaign developed by the North American recreational boating industry and managed by the industry's trade group, the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Discover Boating programs focus on improving the boating experience and building interest in recreational boating by providing a resource for Americans to explore the benefits, affordability and accessibility of the boating lifestyle.


Ferretti Custom Line 100'

In London the Ferretti Custom Line 100' was awarded the prestigious Motor Boat of The Year 2012 prize in the "Custom Yacht Award" category. The prize was awarded by the publishing group IPC Media, an authoritative point of reference for the international nautical industry. The Motor Boat of the Year award, annually elects boats with the most exclusive designs, with excellent performance and the latest technological innovations.


The winners were selected by a committee of experts made up of journalists from Motor Boats Monthly and Motor Boat&Yachting.

This is the second prize awarded within a few months to this new model of the Ferretti Custom Line is: at the Cannes Nautical Boat Show, in September 2011, the Custom Line 100' was awarded the Best Layout in the Flying Bridge category over 24 metres.

Created from the close collaboration of Studio Zuccon International Project, the AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, the naval research and design centre of the Ferretti Group, and the team of architects and designers from Centro Stile Ferretti Group, Ferretti Custom Line 100' embodies the construction and project design experience of the Shipyard which, on the one hand combines sporty design and technology, and on the other hand combines innovative design solutions and comfort, striking a perfect balance. Ferretti Custom Line 100' is part of the Custom Line, alongside the 124', 112' NEXT and 97' models.

Externally the Ferretti Custom Line 100' is immediately striking for its geometric and modern lines, which give it a very sporty profile. The overall image is that of great lightness, thanks to the presence of a continuous large window that extends from the aft of the main deck to the dashboard, which is raised and linked to the external fly, and which has large triangular windows on both walls, towards the bow. The right wall has a foldable saxboard, and at the ship owner's request, it is possible to install a system of electrical sliding glass doors, to directly access the terrace overlooking the sea from the saloon. The interiors are modern and valuable materials are the main protagonists: teak floors, walnut wood with milled leather and LED panels: in fact, for this model, the Shipyard has created technical lighting which is inbuilt in this boat layout in order to obtain lights that best characterize some of the internal areas, providing comfort and relaxation. These elements create an innovative mixture, based on the Ship owner's desires. In fact, like the rest of the Ferretti Custom Line range, on board the 100', every non-structural detail, such as the furniture, fabrics and the décor can be customized by the Ship owner who, with the help of the architects and the designers of Centro Stile, can take up the offers of the best Italian and International companies to create a tailor-made yacht. The engines on board also guarantee the best performance and comfort: the cruising speed is 24 knots while the maximum speed reaches 26 knots. As regards safety and comfort equipment, on board the Custom Line 100' there are solutions of the latest generation: the yacht is equipped with an anti-roll stability Mitsubishi ARG (Anti Rolling Gyro), capable of reducing boat rolling by over 50%, which is the greatest cause of discomfort especially while in transit or in port.

"Winning another prestigious award, is a reason of great satisfaction for Custom Line and it confirms to the whole Group the quality of the work that has been done over these years." - Norberto Ferretti, Chairman and Founder of the Ferretti Group commented. "I am particularly fond of the Ferretti Custom Line, with whom we have just launched three new models, renovating half of the fleet and remaining faithful as always to the principles of this brand: combining design, comfort and performance so that the Ship Owner can experience the sea in 'custom' version."


Suspected arson at Alimos marina

A large fire that broke out at the marina in Alimos, south of Athens, at around 3.30 on Friday and destroyed seven luxury yachts, is being treated as arson by police. The targeted vessels, which had been moored next to each other along the marina, were quickly ravaged as the blaze was fueled by flammable liquids that had been aboard, fire service workers said, adding that noone had been injured. Several of the yachts subsquently sunk. The marina supervisor said he saw flames appear simultaneously on two vessels and quickly spread to the other boats.
[Source Ap/ Kathimerini



photos: Skipper ONDECK

ORC Sailor Services features 5 new languages

ORC Sailor Services features five new languages, 2012 ratings, and free certificate copies

The Offshore Racing Congress announces that its innovative user-friendly access to the rating system, ORC Sailor Services, will now feature translations of its services and functions in German, Spanish, Italian, Croatian and Greek to better serve a large segment of the ORC community. Other languages are going to be offered soon, including French, Portuguese and Japanese.

Sailor Services will also now offer to registered users free copies of the nearly 20,000 ORC International and ORC Club certificates issued in over 40 countries since 2009.

And now that beta testing has concluded by the International Technical Committee, new certificate copies and test certificates issued by Sailor Services will be run using the new 2012 ORC VPP

"We're very pleased to offer these new features to the offshore racing community," says Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. "It furthers our mission to deliver the best rating system in the world to the largest audience in the most transparent and accessible manner possible."

Since its introduction nearly a year ago, Sailor Services has been used by nearly 1200 users in 15 countries for access to copies of issued certificates, but also to run test certificates using measurements taken from over 55,000 measurement records available over the past 20 years from boats with issued IMS, ORC Club and/or ORC International certificates.

For only €10 each, users can run a test certificate on their boat or any boat in this system from a measurement file with an editable parameter of interest, such as sail size, rig configuration, or crew weight. Effects on rating due to hull or appendage changes cannot be examined, as the offset files cannot be changed and remain secure in the ORC database. For these changes the user must contact their designer or their local rating office.

Test certificates are, however, not meant to replace valid certificates issued by an ORC rating authority, and are therefore not valid for racing.

"This is an outstanding service not only to the boat owners, who are exploring simple changes to their sails or rigging or crew, but also to the more knowledgeable users, like official measurers, who can examine quickly and directly online the effect of their measurements on a boat's certificate," says Nicola Sironi, Chief Measurer for ORC.

For more information on ORC rules, events and rating services, visit www.orc.org, and for more information about ORC Sailor Services, visit www.orc.org/sailorservices.