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Vitruvius Yachts new range

Today’s owners want more diversity from their yachting platform, so Vitruvius Yachts has created a new range of yachts that will offer a variety of design choices for owners, whether they are looking to stay in more familiar ports or to explore the world’s most remote waters.

YACHT DESIGN | Skipper ONDECK - 9b6872e2cba27712b5bd7756b7904f6a_w357_h230_cp_sc

Announcing the new Oyster 835 and Oyster 895


Designed to replace the successful Oyster 825 and 885 – 17 of which have been sold, the new Oyster 835 and 895 include features from the development of both the larger Oyster 118 (2 sold) and the smaller models – the Oyster 565, 595, 675, and 745 – 16 of which have been sold.



New images of the Sunseeker Manhattan 52

Set to launch during Summer 2016, Sunseeker London Group are delighted to present stunning new...