40 Open Sunreef Power

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With years of expertise in large luxury multihulls design Sunreef Yachts is now introducing a dynamic catamaran day cruiser to its range.

An ingenious project with hull number one officially in build and to be demonstrated within the next months. A model that is sure to make waves in the world of luxury day boats. Bigger, more stable, customizable and faster than the competition. Meet the 40 Open Sunreef Power.

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Hydrofoil version of the 40 Open Sunreef Power

Applying a multihull design to a day cruiser concept allows for the gain of a massive lounging space and extreme stability at high speeds. Naturally balanced, the 40 Open Sunreef Power doesn’t require stabilizing systems and provides a fast and safe navigation experience. A potential that this model explores to the fullest, as it is featured in both planning and hydrofoil version.

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The lateral platforms extend the lounging space to the maximum

The 40 Open Sunreef Power is equipped with dynamic inboard propulsion ranging from 2x425 HP to 2x1100 HP to offer an impressive speed potential of over 60kts. Taking speed to a higher level, the hydrofoil-equipped 40 Open Sunreef Power H is offered in multiple outboard engine configurations from 2x627 HP to 4x400 HP.

The innovative retractable hydrofoil system implemented lifts the boat above the water when cruising above 25kts. As a result, the 40 Open Sunreef Power H can glide above the waves to attain speeds up to 60kts in foilborne mode. With the drag reduced to an absolute minimum, the boat also benefits from extremely low fuel consumption and long range. A beamy alternative for classic day boats, the 40 Open Sunreef Power represents a new level of onboard comfort. Two lateral aft folding platforms enhance the already generous living space of the catamaran, creating perfect conditions to enjoy watersports.

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Open bow section with a dining space

The bow-placed dining area uses the beam of the boat expertly, providing for a maximum of surface with adjustable tables and abundant seating. Depending on the Owner’s wish, this part of the deck can be turned into a comfortable cabin perfect for overnight trips. Premium audio-video systems and individually selected tech gear, custom tailored upholstery and new layout solutions – the options to customize the future 40 Sunreef Powers seem limitless. A standard way to proceed for a shipyard that doesn’t have the habit of saying “no” to specific customer demands. The first 40 Open Sunreef Power presented in the next months will be the model’s planning edition.


40 Open Sunreef Power | Skipper ONDECK - Fear_Gear.asofpot1nsp-887

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