ALEN 55 Shuttle, the ultimate transport experience


Based on a design by Alen Yacht, interior furnishings can be completed almost any way an owner chooses; from the interior layout to the general arrangement, materials, lacquered finished wall panels, sideboards and selection of lighting options can be customized.

Merging innovative technology with high-tech composite construction we have created a fast, agile craft combining the elegant style and timeless design of a cruising yacht with the reliability of a workboat.


31 knot max and 25 knot cruising speed ALEN SHUTTLE features 34 marine type passenger seats and a service area including a crew cabin.


An executive version can be made by reducing the amount of seats and using luxurious materials.


Overall length 16,85m
Max. beam 4,75m
Material Full Composite w/AIREX core
Fuel capacity 2200L


Escape 1 3

Premiere of Escape 1150 Voyage

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