Premium Superyacht hull protection antifouling

Premium Superyacht hull protection antifouling | Skipper ONDECK - 3d08112d96a8c0a826bc3e609dd48932_w720

Mega Imperial antifouling is specially designed for Superyachts which have the challenge of relatively low sailing activity.

The proven long lasting protection is provided by advanced silyl technology, ensuring a linear polishing rate and a low leached layer – providing a continual, controlled release of biocides over the time.

Due to the limitations of colour printing processes these colours are an indication only and may deviate slightly from the delivered product.

Mega Imperial Mega Imperial XTR*

MegImp 2

Red Dark | Blue | Hydra Black

• Advanced silyl technology

• Up to 36 month performance guarantee

• Can be applied over most other antifouling


Kit Size: 5 & 20 ltr

* Imperial XTR has federal EPA approval for application in the USA.

Non-approved paint can be applied to a vessel abroad, and the vessel can subsequently trade in USA waters.




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