Garmin® introduces Panoptix PS51-TH FrontVü transducer

Garmin® introduces Panoptix PS51-TH FrontVü transducer | Skipper ONDECK - 49d6ba58539597ff2a3b24c4b532fc69_w720

Garmin presents the Panoptix™ Forward PS51-TH - a new phased-array multibeam thru-hull mount transducer that adds premium FrontVü™ forward looking sonar to help cruisers avoid running aground.

Designed to give mariners more confidence and peace of mind when navigating unfamiliar water, Panoptix FrontVü is a narrow beam, forward-looking sonar that focuses on the bottom in front of the boat, rather than the sides. The PS51-TH is set to be announced at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, 3-7 November, and will be on display at the Garmin booth #323-324.

Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Worldwide Sales, says, “The Panoptix PS51-TH delivers nearly instant feedback of what’s in front of your boat and provides relevant information captains need to make critical navigation decisions, especially in unfamiliar water.

“Now available in a conventional thru-hull installation method, the PS51-TH brings Garmin’s revolutionary Panoptix technology to an even greater range of boats.”

Panoptix FrontVü sonar displays the bottom up to 300 feet ahead of the boat at 8 to 10 times the current depth. Coupled with its fast update rate, the PS51-TH helps ensure that mariners have more time to react to dangerous obstacles up ahead and change course if needed. Thanks to its narrow beam, forward-looking sonar (20 degrees), the PS51-TH allows the captain to focus on the bottom in front of the boat and shows fewer false positives of obstructions off to each side of the boat. It also includes an AHRS sensor for motion stabilisation in rough water conditions.

Compatible with a wide range of Garmin chartplotters, the FrontVü forward-looking sonar data can be easily shared across other chartplotters across the Garmin Marine Network. With an easy-to-understand interface, FrontVü clearly displays the bottom and provides a digital depth and temperature number, so there’s no need to purchase a separate traditional transducer for basic depth information. No black-box is needed – simply plug in the transducer once it’s installed and start exploring with more confidence than before.

The PS51-TH pulls double duty providing users both LiveVü™ Forward and FrontVü technologies. LiveVü Forward shows an image of targets moving toward or away from the boat, even while stationary, in real time. The FrontVü feature can be used in a split screen with other Panoptix all-seeing sonar views, so mariners can see real-time sonar imagery of what’s around and in front of their boat at video-like speed.

Expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017, the PS51-TH will retail for £1,359.99 It’s compatible with the 7- and 9-inch echoMAP® CHIRP chartplotter/sonar combos, the new GPSMAP® 722/922 and 1022/1222 series, and the GPSMAP 8400/8600, 7400/7600, 7x1/820/1020 series.

 visit garmin.com/newmarine.



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